Pimple Eraser

Pimple Eraser

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Product Description

Pimple Eraser is an ACNE ANTI AGING treatment formulated from a unique blend of glycolic acid, combining the wonders of modern skin science with the amazing healing powers of nature. Pimple Eraser is the only product available on the market today with a unique blend of glycolic acid that can guarantee remarkable results you’ll see and feel in just 3 days!

Pimple Eraser’s gentle formulation works to break down the top layers of your skin removing dead skin cells to reveal the healthy new LIVE skin cells below.

Chemical free, our glycolic acid formulation is derived solely from the Sugar Cane plant and provides a safe natural alternative skin treatment free from harsh chemicals, working with nature, not against it.

Glycolic acid, used and highly recommended by cosmetic dermatologists worldwide as the most effective AHA [alpha-hydroxy acid] in the treatment of severe acne and in the early signs of aging, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles.

With daily use pimple eraser's easy to use hands free applicator dispenses the solution evenly across the skin. It has proven highly effective in refining LARGE PORES and is known to assist in the prevention and treatment of irritating and often unsightly symptoms of skin disorders such as ROSACEA and ECZEMA. Pimple Eraser evens out SKIN TONE diminishes AGE SPOTS and eradicates skin discolorations.

Used after shaving, pimple eraser effectively reduces the irritation and redness from RAZOR BURN proving beneficial for both men and women of all skin types regardless of age. By providing a no fuss easy method of keeping skin free from oils and bacteria, Pimple Eraser will leave your skin looking clear, feeling fresh, alive and rejuvenated.

Try the "MIRACLE CARE" of pimple eraser and discover the many benefits for yourself. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

"Everyone deserves to feel confidant radiant and comfortable in their own skin"

Love it……it's the skin you're in….